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Copper New Zealand Map

Handmade in New Zealand

All Copperworkx products are handmade in New Zealand using old recycled hot water cylinders to produce magnificent copper art for outside in the garden and inside the home.

95% Recycled Copper

This means that you will own a unique piece of art as no two items can be exactly the same.  The nature of the copper hot water cylinders we use varies due to their past life and hence various characteristics or battle scars distinguishes each item as a truly unique handmade product.                                

Lilly Set

Copper Art wall hangings

Can be hung outside in the garden or inside, popular in New Zealand homes and around the world, copper is a durable metal, it travels well and we can ship anywhere in the world.  Copper does not rust so will last forever, protected with a gloss to hold colours longer. See FAQ for more details.



Koru Wall Hanging

John Dory

Copper Fish

Our copper fish art reflect those found in the New Zealand and Australian surrounding waters. The copper fish can be hung outside in the garden or inside the home, they won`t rust and the large ones are based on popular catch and release stories.  See FAQ for more details.







Lily Fountain

Overseas Shoppers

At present all the freight charges shown are for NZ domestic orders only. If you would like your order shipped overseas, please email us  with your order and delivery address and we will send you a quote for post & package. See FAQ for more details.

National Shoppers

Please contact Copperworkx by email if you are wanting more that one item, post and package works out at a reasonable price.


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We hope you enjoy your Copperworkx item for many years to come.





Copper Workx - Quality that lasts...
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